Sasenka Abeysooriya

COO & Head of Mission, ANZ | Global Diplomatic Council


Sasenka Abeysooriya is a skilled and passionate strategist, innovative thinker and strong communicator with over ten years of IT experience. He is experienced in a wide range of activities including; strategy, governance, enterprise architecture, portfolio, program & project management, data & information management, risk transformation and business analysis.

Throughout his career, Sasenka has worked across a wide range of industries including ICT, health, travel, marketing, advertising, government and not-for-profit. He brings specialist expertise in the higher education industry, having worked in the sector for seven years in both Melbourne and Brisbane, Australia.

Sasenka’s passion for complex problem-solving stretches beyond his professional career. Sasenka and his wife Sajanie, dedicate a lot of their time and resources for the benefit of underprivileged children and individuals who are unable to care for themselves due to illness or old age. Having more than ten years of experience in the not-for-profit sector in both management and governance, Sasenka looks for sustainable and long-term solutions whether that is through setting up computer labs for schools in remote areas or providing state of the art resources to hospitals that have limited access to critical medical equipment.

Sasenka is a non-executive advisor for AusCERT, a leading cyber emergency response team in Australasia. He is also a working group member for the higher education industry standard, Council of Australasian University Directors of Information Technology (CAUDIT) Higher Education Business Reference Model (HERM).

  • Location
    Brisbane, Australia
  • Work
    Founder & Principal Consultant, Abeygroup
  • Work
    Head of Australia New Zealand Mission, Global Diplomatic Council
  • Languages
    English, Dutch, Sinhala
  • Hobbies
    Cricket, Football, Travelling
  • Website

A passion for problem solving.

I specialise in delivering effective and practical solutions to our client’s business problems such as Strategy development, Enterprise Architecture development, IT Governance planning and other management consulting services.

I have worked on a number of organisational reform, policy development and project management roles across diverse industry sectors including state and local government, ICT, education, health, travel and not-for-profit.

To ensure my solutions are aligned to industry standards, I actively utilise a range of internationally recognised methodologies and frameworks including TOGAF, COBIT, ITIL, Prince2 and PMBOK tools and Prosci as well as industry and academic research sources.

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A United Think and Do Tank.

Dedicated to promoting and contributing to global prosperity, economic development, social development, security and peace by initiating and fostering sustainable partnerships between diplomatic services, intergovernmental agencies, international politicians, diplomats, media, NGOs, civil societies, academics and the private sector through diplomacy.

The multi-stakeholder community that forms the Global Diplomatic Council is a platform dedicated to spearheading our theme of diplomatic, political, entrepreneurial and social responsibilities to proactively shape and impact the global future. Our world-class events platforms, commissions, forums, conferences, roundtables build bridges and channels to engage all the key voices and major actors in international and global affairs together to create tangible and measurable solutions to some of the world’s most challenging issues through foreign policy and international relations.

Our Purpose

The Global Diplomatic Council (GDC) examines the role of diplomacy in addressing the major problems of global society. It studies the various diplomatic instruments available for this purpose, how they work and discuss the various factors that condition their operation and missions. The Council also examines how these diplomatic instruments are used to address the critical problems facing our world today; and the best sustainable solutions in resolving these global challenges.

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